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Exchange My Mail hosts your Microsoft Exchange solution with enterprise-class reliability
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Security and Performance

We go to great lengths to protect the continuity of your service.

Network security and performance go hand in hand. As an integral part of our SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange hosting solutions, we make sure you never have to worry about either one by securing our network, backing up and storing your data, protecting you from unwanted electronic intruders like SPAM and viruses, and making sure our equipment is redundant and housed in an optimal environment while monitoring every step of the process 24X7.

Being prepared for emergencies, disasters, tampering, equipment failures, and other events that can interrupt your Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint service is just one of the ways that Exchange My Mail takes the worry out of your hosted Exchange or SharePoint solution. Whether you are running SharePoint, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010, when every aspect of the network is secure, protected, and prepared for potential problems, then you know your service will remain available when you need it most - all the time.

Network Security

Network Security

Attacks against networks can come from anywhere and take on a variety of forms; the one thing that they have in common is that they can be devastating to your business. When you trust Exchange My Mail to host your SharePoint or Microsoft Exchange solution, you can rest assured that we take the security and availability of our network infrastructure very seriously.

Intrusion Prevention and Content Security

Our network security begins with redundant Cisco ASA security appliances, closely monitored to ensure maximum protection and availability of the network and its services. Cisco ASA security provides multi-layer protection from attacks, worms, spyware, viruses, and other forms of malware, creating a firewall that stops attacks before they our network - or your business.

Data Protection

Our engineers have developed a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan, which includes Full Nightly Backups to Network Attached Storage (NAS). We keep 5 days of Microsoft Exchange backups. Backups and restoration of data are fully explained in out Terms of service. End Users have access to 14 days of deleted and hard deleted items right from Outlook. Using this method end users can recover deleted items much faster and without the need to get our administrators involved.

Spam and Virus Protection

Our Microsoft Exchange servers are constantly monitored for virus and hacker attacks. Using a variety of specialized network monitoring tools, intrusion detection and anti-virus software, we go the extra mile to ensure your accounts are safe and running smoothly.

All Exchange My Mail accounts now get Free Postini Spam and Virus Protection

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Network Security

Scalable and Survivable Data Center with around-the-clock support

You need to use email to stay connected and communicate with the rest of the team, but unwanted SPAM can cut down on productivity while the threat of email viruses can turn the simple act of opening an email into a dangerous gamble.

At Exchange My Mail, we believe that an important part of email hosting is to make sure that you can use your Microsoft Exchange without giving SPAM and viruses a second thought. That is why we provide Postini, the industry's leading provider of email security and management solutions, FREE with every hosted Microsoft Exchange account.

Postini is recognized as an industry leader

Postini has been designated as a leader in both vision and execution in Gartner Group's Enterprise Spam Filtering 1Q 2004 Magic Quadrant. Several major industry publications-including Network World, InfoWorld and PC Magazine-have given Postini top ratings for accuracy and effectiveness.

Superior administrative control and user flexibility

Postini's SPAM and virus filtering engines apply email security policy at highly granular levels, which are managed through a convenient web-based console. Users have the flexibility to review quarantined emails and customize filter settings as permitted by the administrator.


Postini users typically see 98% or better accuracy in blocking SPAM and viruses. Postini is completely web based and requires no software installation.

Data Center Optimizes Uptime With Built-In Redundancies and Around-the-Clock Support

Exchange My Mail houses our Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint servers in a secure, Tier 3 data center that provides 24X7 network monitoring and maintenance from a fully-staffed Network Operation Center (NOC). This facility is N+1 redundant, meaning that in the case of a component failure, backup components are standing by to take over so that your Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint application can continue to function without any interruption in service.

Redundant Power

During the Northeast power outage of August 2003, our data center's redundant power design made it possible for us to remain in full operation, with no interruption in service. Continuous power is ensured by on-site redundant power sources and redundant back-up generators, including a multiple-day supply of fuel on-site. Our generators and failover systems are regularly tested to ensure a seamless transition in the event of an emergency. A full maintenance bypass allows for service and upgrades without power interruption.

Regulated Environment

Cabinets within the data center are individually monitored to manage heat, humidity, and power consumption. Redundant heating and cooling systems maintain a consistent and optimal environment in the data center. An FM200 fire suppression system minimizes the risk of damage in the unlikely event of fire.

Physical Infrastructure

Our data center is designed on Cisco multilevel architecture, with redundant Fiber Optic connections--including dual OC 48 & OC 12 connections from Verizon, OC 12 Sonet from AT&T, OC 3 from Cablevision Lightpath and GIGe from Keyspan, each entering the building through separate trenches.

High Bandwidth

Our data center provides the highest quality and speed of bandwidth for our servers running at 100MBPS with bursts to 1000MBPS using Multiple Redundant OC3s on multiple carriers with private fiber backhaul to major Internet access points.

Physical Equipment Security

Protecting the equipment that runs your Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint solution is an important part of our security posture, and helps to ensure uninterrupted service. All entrances and common areas of our Tier 3 data center are monitored 24 X 7 via closed-circuit cameras. Access to the data center is restricted to authorized personnel by two-factor authentication including biometric scanners. Anyone requiring physical access to the equipment must comply with security checks and policies before they can be permitted into the data center.

Hardware Security

Exchange My Mail is dedicated to hosting your Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint solution with the highest level of availability. To that end, we go to great lengths to ensure that our hardware is secure. Our hosted Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint infrastructure runs on 64bit server hardware with a Windows 64bit operating system. We use network load-balanced CAS and HUB servers to protect the back-end clustered Exchange servers from attack, and our mailbox servers are configured in active/passive clusters to ensure the highest availability and reliability.

All Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint data runs on back-end servers which connect to an EMC Storage Area Network (SAN). This architecture is redundant in nearly every aspect and allows us to seamlessly add additional capacity as needed without causing downtime to existing customers. Redundant hardware architecture means that the availability of your Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint solutions are protected against equipment failure.