Experience the benefits of Google Apps

without interrupting the BlackBerry experience you're already accustomed to!

Wirelessly Sync Your Emails, Calendars and Contacts to Your BlackBerry

Put Your BlackBerry into High Gear

If you’re using a BlackBerry smartphone with your Google Apps email service, you’re only benefiting from part of your BlackBerry’s capabilities. It’s like driving a Ferarri down the highway in 1st gear. Sure the car will go, but you won’t experience the excitement of driving such a powerful car.

To get your BlackBerry out of 1st gear, you need a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), which serves as an intermediary between your email server and your BlackBerry smartphone.

With a BES server,
your BlackBerry rapidly accelerates in performance and functionality:

  • Wirelessly sync your emails calendar and contacts between your BlackBerry and your Google Apps email account.
  • True Push Email - Messages sent from and received in your Gmail inbox are automatically pushed to your BlackBerry smartphone within 60 seconds, keeping both inboxes up-to-date.
  • Read/delete synchronization - Emails read or deleted on your BlackBerry device are marked as read or deleted in your Gmail inbox, and vice-versa.
  • Folder/label synchronization - Select folders on your BlackBerry device to synchronize with labels in your Gmail interface.
  • Global address lookup - Search for and access email addresses and phone numbers for other users on your company domain.
  • Calendar access - View your Google Calendar events and schedule from the native BlackBerry application, with two-way synchronization from your Google Calendar to BlackBerry device.
  • Contacts synchronization - Contacts in your BlackBerry address book and in your Gmail account are automatically synchronized. Information added to Gmail is pushed to your BlackBerry device within 5 minutes, and vice-versa.
  • Remote Lock / Wipe - Utilizing the advanced security features on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, our tech support reps can remotely wipe, or lock your device should it become lost or stolen.

What kind of account do I need with Google?

In order for the service to work, you must have a Google Apps Premier Edition or Education Edition account.

How Does The Service Work?

Our Hosted BES for Google Apps service is turnkey. There are no servers or software to buy and manage, and no software to install on your BlackBerry smartphone. We’ll set up the service for you, and help you configure your BlackBerry to use our service.

How is This Different From the Free Google Sync Service?

Google’s sync service is a solution that bypasses the BES server. While this solution is free, it offers far less functionality than our hosted BES for Google Apps service. Google sync requires that you download a special app onto your BlackBerry. This app periodically syncs your calendar and contacts, but is not real-time push, and does not sync email. Hosted BES for Google Apps provides real-time wireless synchronization of emails, calendars and contacts, without installing any special software.

Do I Need a Special Data Plan from My Wireless Carrier?

Yes. To use our hosted BES for Google Apps service, you’ll need a data plan that supports connections to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Check with your carrier for details.

What if I Lose My BlackBerry Phone?

If you lose your phone, you can immediately call ExchangeMyMail, and we’ll remotely lock your phone and/or wipe clean of your personal data. This important safety feature, not available with Google’s free Sync app, will protect the security of your important business data.

How Much Does The Service Cost?

Please see our pricing page.

Do I Need to Sign an Annual Agreement?

No. Hosted BES for Google Apps is a monthly service. You may cancel at any time.

Setup Fee: $20.00 - Waived

Monthly Fee Per BlackBerry Smartphone: $9.99*

Only Activate the service for users who have BlackBerrys. If you have 500 Google users, but only 100 users have Blackberry's, you would only activate and pay for the 100 users that need our service. You can always add or remove users as needed.

No contracts & No minimum's.

100% - 30 Day money back guarantee including setup fees. Cancel at any time within the first 30 days if you are not 100% satisfied and we will refund every dollar.

* Special Educational, Government, Non-Profit and Volume Pricing

Exchange My Mail offers special discounts to the following groups:

* Schools and educational institutions
* Government and municipal groups
* Non-profit organizations

We also offer special pricing for volume purchases of 10 users and above.

To request a custom quote, fill out our Quote Request Form and tell us about your needs.

About Exchange My Mail

Since 2005 Exchange My Mail has been helping small and medium business get more out of their email and smartphones. Thousands of customers rely on us to manage their email so they can focus on managing their business.

While many email hosting providers focus on providing the cheapest service or creating fancy, complex environments, Exchange My Mail focuses only on providing its customers the best possible experience. Our US-based team of experts will provide you the support you need, when you need it to make sure your email is working the way you need it to. Our infrastructure is designed to provide the optimal mix of security, reliability and performance so you have the peace of mind to focus on running your business.

Hosted Google BES
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